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Monsta X Reveal New Album The Dreaming

Monsta X just keep filling their schedule and we love it!

Monsta X: The Dreaming Is Coming To The Big Screens!

We are not dreaming, but certainly Monsta X want us to feel like we are!

monsta x urban decay

Monsta X Gets Naked With Urban Decay

Monsta X bares it all with Urban Decay!

Monsta X, One Day

5 Of Our Favorite Monsta X English Songs

Who is doing it like them?!

Monsta X Makes Our Dreams Come True With Stunning Film Trailer Premiere

Be prepared to guard your heart, Monsta X has a habit of stealing them 😉

Monsta X Proves Their Talent Is Limitless With New Mini Album No Limit

Monsta X’s no-skip seven-track album drives full speed straight into Monbebe’s heart. 

How Monsta X Made 2020 Their Year

Let’s face it, every year is Monsta X’s year. And 2020 was no exception!

Monsta X Make A Big Splash with Snoop Dog on ‘How We Do’

Old school hip hop and powerful electro dance vibes kicking in style. Both genres makes a perfect fusion on ‘How We Do’.

Our Favorite Monsta X ‘Gambler’ Stages So Far

Our eyes have been BLESSED!

‘One Day’ Monsta X Will Take Over The World – Sooner Than You Think!

A win for the Monsta X World Domination Agenda