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Three-Cheers -Sweet-Revenge-My-Chemical-Romance

The Birthday Of A Masterpiece: Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge By My Chemical Romance

Why we’re still listening 17 years later, and will continue to do so…

My Chemical Romance Is Finally Back With ‘The Foundations Of Decay’ And We’re Not Okay (We Promise)

So ‘Fake Your Death’ really WAS a title meant to throw us off!

6 My Chemical Romance Deep Cuts That We Hope They Perform On Their 2022 Tour

We’d be pretty ‘Disenchanted’ with the band if they didn’t play at least one of these.

My Chemical Romance

Summoning All My Chemical Romance Fans

It’s time to darken your clothes and strike a violent pose, My Chemical Romance are going on tour!

Look Alive, Sunshine! HipDot Is Doing Another MCR Collab!

HipDot’s Collabs Are Giving Us Everything And More!

The Black Parade Is Alive! The My Chemical Romance Reunion, Why They’re Back and What’s Next

And in my heart I can’t contain it, the anthem won’t explain it

Why Ray Toro Is A Musical Genius

From My Chemical Romance to Remember the Laughter, Ray Toro’s talent continues to amaze us!

Will Matty Healy Collab With My Chemical Romance? Plus 5 Other MCR Collabs We’d Love to See!

It’s (too)time to make this happen

Tour News

THP Tour Report 🙌

That’s it, we’re camping out.

The Storyline And Intricacies Of My Chemical Romance’s 2006 Classic The Black Parade

It’s been 15 years since it came out, but it’s still not ‘The End.’ of its legacy!