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Four Unique Things You May Not Know About P1Harmony

Fans know all the good stuff!

Iconic Covers By P1Harmony Of CAA-Signed Artists

P1Harmony are the truly the kings of covers with these iconic performances

‘Fall In Love Again’ With P1Harmony In Their Latest Collaboration

It’s impossible not to ‘Fall In Love Again’ with P1Harmony.

P1Harmony Go ALL IN For The Finale Of Their Harmony Series.

We’re living in a world of perfect harmony with P1Harmony’s latest release!

P1Harmony Unleash Superhuman Talents In Fifth EP Harmony: Set In

P1Harmony are ending 2022 without Backing Down!

New Hope Club & P1Harmony Combine Their Talents For A Catchy Collaboration, ‘Super Chic!’

‘Super Chic’ has us practicing our best Adriana Lima walk in the mirror!

P1Harmony Is Ready To Make US TV Debut With New Mini-Album

P1eces! P1Harmony are not backing down with this new album!

JUMPing Into The Spotlight, P1Harmony’s Press Conference Unveils HARMONY: ALL IN And More

P1Harmony practice what they preach when it comes to self-care


P1Harmony Spill The ‘Secret Sauce’ To Their New [P1ustage H : P1oneer] Tour

We would follow P1Harmony anywhere if they asked us to!


P1Harmony Radiates ‘Swagger’ In New EP HARMONY : ZERO IN

You ‘Gotta Get Back’ to streaming P1Harmony!