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Declan McKenna Brings The Big Return Tour to Rhode Island!

Shocked and bamboozled that we heard ‘British Bombs’ finally!

FUTURE ISLANDS + Oh Rose – Providence, RI – May 31th, 2022

Future Islands Stopped by Providence And We Got to See Them Live!

Wow oh wow did we love this new tour!

Newport Folk Fest: Day Two with Odie Leigh and Jon Batiste

This cloudy day turned out to be a good one in Rhode Island!

Newport Folk Fest: Day One with Del Water Gap and Maggie Rogers

Still screaming over Maggie Roger’s acoustic set, we got the chance to cover Newport Folk Fest in Rhode Island. Here is what happened Day one!

We’re Swooning Over Melt’s Set in Providence, RI!

We took the ‘Walk to Midnight’ with Melt

A Night With Oliver Hazard: The Concert You Need To See

Opening up for Houndmouth on the Chartreuse and Chandeliers and tour, Oliver Hazard made the stage their home.

Newport Folk Fest: Our Final Thoughts

What makes a great music festival? Community.

Kurt Vile and the Violators: The Live Review You Need To Read

Kurt Vile returned to Providence, RI on his latest tour and it was serene. Check out our live review!

Newport Folk Fest: Day Three with Remi Wolf and Gregory Alan Isakov

We are sad to leave but oh so happy with all that went down at Newport Folk Fest this weekend. Day three was bright and beautiful!

Sammy Rae and the Friends Stopped By The East Coast On Their Newest Tour!

We danced all night and saw how Sammy Rae’s music impacts her fans!