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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Savings’ New EP, Get Well Soon

Get ready for the THP exclusive premiere of Savings’ new EP, Get Well Soon.

Savings Gives Us Nostalgia With New Single, ‘American Psycho’

This song is like an iconic anthem from the 2000’s!

Icons For The Earth: The Legends Saving The Planet

Saving the planet, one song at a time

Indiana Jones Is Back And Better Than Ever For More Adventures On Disney+

You mean we can watch Harrison Ford even more at the comfort of our homes now as Indiana Jones? Sign us up! Everyone say thanks Disney+!

Do ‘You Know What I Need?’ More PNAU & Troye Sivan Collabs!

Name a more iconic duo, we’ll wait…

3 Party Steps To Celebrate TEEN TOP’s 4SHO

Turn up the volume, ’cause we like it like it!

Fresh Music Friday: Caroline Romano, Anna Shoemaker, And More!

We are og Caroline Romano stans!

THP’s Hot Alt Alert: Bearings, Hot Milk, All Hype, And More!

This week’s Hot Alt Alert features new music from Bearings, Hot Milk, Sundressed, and more!

THP’s Hot Alt Alert: BOYS LIKE GIRLS, Breezy Supreme, And Concrete Castles!

This week’s Hot Alt Alert features BOYS LIKE GIRLS, Breezy Supreme, and Concrete Castles!

5 Songs To Get You Hyped For Yellowcard’s 20th Anniversary Ocean Avenue Tour

We’ll be “Stayin’ Up All Night” For Yellowcard’s 20th anniversary Ocean Avenue tour!