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THP Tour Report ๐Ÿ™Œ

Thatโ€™s it, weโ€™re camping out.

Tour News

THP Tour Report

We may not be rolling on down to the โ€˜Love Shackโ€™ but weโ€™ll party like we are โ€ฆ on tour

THP Tour Report: Time To Rattle Your Piggy Bank!

If our bank accounts could see all these announcements, they wouldnโ€™t blame us!

THP Tour Report: These Shows Will Put A Spring In Your Step!

With the warmer weather comes some incredible concerts!

Tour News

THP Tour Report: Itโ€™s Gonna Be A Busy Summer (And Fall!)

Our calendars are gonna be full!

K-POP HOTSPOT: October 2022 Comebacks And Debuts Roundup

Spooky season good bye, Christmas hello!