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Waterparks See Red On blackbear Collab ‘F*CK ABOUT IT’

It’s not hard to kill a day having this on repeat!

Rock Out To Waterparks’ ‘Self Sabotage’ With Their New Music Video!

Don’t Self Sabotage by not watching this music video!

Waterparks shot by Jawn Rocha

Nothing About Our Love For Waterparks Is ‘REAL SUPER DARK’

Things are about to get ‘REAL SUPER DARK’


Waterparks Continue To Feed Us Well With A Remix Of ‘SELF-SABOTAGE’

Did someone say more Waterparks collabs?

Waterparks Get Artsy In ‘F*CK ABOUT IT’ Music Video And Confirm Long-Awaited Album

Yet another display of Awsten’s hidden genius.

Waterparks Release ‘The Secret Life of Me’ Video

Waterparks just dropped a new video, check it out now!


Waterparks sure knows how to create art! This new song and video proves it!


Our Waterparks A Night Out On Earth Tour Dream Setlist!

Waterparks is heading out on tour soon, so we had to create our dream setlist!


Waterparks Begin New Era With New Single, ‘Snow Globe’!

The new era of Waterparks is here and we are stoked about it!