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Waterparks Release ‘The Secret Life of Me’ Video

Waterparks just dropped a new video, check it out now!

Waterparks’ ‘Fruit Roll Ups’ Video Is As Sweet As Can Be

No fruit roll-ups, but it’s still sweet.

This Is, In Fact, An Album Of Waterparks’ Greatest Hits!

Dear Waterparks, these ARE your greatest hits!


Waterparks sure knows how to create art! This new song and video proves it!


Not Stalkers, But We Can’t Stop Watching Waterparks’ ‘Violet!’

We’ve got all the details about Waterparks’ vibrant new music video for ‘Violet!’


Waterparks Announce Huge North America Tour!

Waterparks will see you in the future as they announce a North American Tour!

Waterparks cover art

‘Violet!’ by Waterparks Solidifies Their New Era

‘Violet!’ has us feeling ultraviolet while we wait for Greatest Hits!

A NIGHT OUT ON EARTH TOUR Confirms That Waterparks Will Forever Be In Our Future

We can’t believe Waterparks are aliens now! Maybe their tour bus is secretly a UFO *side eyes*


Our Waterparks A Night Out On Earth Tour Dream Setlist!

Waterparks is heading out on tour soon, so we had to create our dream setlist!


We Just Can’t Get Enough Of Waterparks And Their Latest Single ‘Just Kidding’

Find out more about Waterparks’ new single ‘Just Kidding’ here!