About Us

About Us

Born of friendship and a passion for writing, The Honey Pop (affectionately dubbed THP by the team) is a pop culture magazine geared towards finding the sweetest news and sharing it with the world.

Trust us, Honey. You don’t want to miss the drip.

If you’re an artist or represent someone who you’d like to see featured on THP, drop us a line.

For all other inquiries, you can contact us here.

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The THP Team

Lexy Baumann, Owner
West Coast, Los Angeles

Celine Martinez, Owner
West Coast, Phoenix

Iva Morris, Owner
East Coast, Atlanta

Admin and Editors

Mar Maldonado

Jazmin Williams
Creative Director

Jodie Rose-Loren
Executive Press Editor

Brittaney Penney
Executive Photo Editor

Jen Southern
Executive Editor

Emily Defoor
Operations Manager

Selina Kuhn
Senior Editor

Nazlıcan Ay
Senior Editor

Aman Shamim
Senior Editor


Jen Southern, Executive Editor


Brittaney Penney, Executive Photo Editor
Houston, TX

Graphic Design

Affy, Art Director

Andreea Farcas

Bibi Lara

Caroline Wang

Maria LeMoro

Momodou Sonko

Social Media and Marketing

Eszter Williford, Director Social Media and Marketing

Arya Ziaee

Ashlynn Picou

Delany Gorr

Grace Leblond

Hannah Tyler

Jerika Guy

Julie Dam

Kindra Knutson

Wiktoria Latacz

Care to Join Us?

We’re not just looking for a team, we’re looking for friends and we hope you consider becoming one of ours! Click the link to read all about what we offer and why THP really is the sweetest option around!

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