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They Are (G)I-DLE And Back With ‘Tomboy’

They are (G)I-DLE and they’re back with ‘Tomboy!’

Epik High Is Here 2

Epik High Were Our Best Valentine This Year

Epik High were our Valentine’s this year with these masterpiece!

New Treasures Arrive With Ateez’ ‘Don’t Stop’

‘Don’t Stop’ for nothing! Except maybe… stop and listen to this new Ateez song!

Monsta X: The Dreaming Is Coming To The Big Screens!

We are not dreaming, but certainly Monsta X want us to feel like we are!

bugAboo’s Debut Is Coming And We Are Already In Love!

A super new girl group is coming and their name is bugAoo!

Monsta X Reveal New Album The Dreaming

Monsta X just keep filling their schedule and we love it!

Eric Nam Announces Headline World Tour

Eric Name has announced a Headline World Tour and we can’t wait for it!

No More ‘Waiting,’ WOODZ’ Comeback Is Here And We Love It!

WOODZ is back with ‘Waiting’ and it just won’t get out of our heads!

Let’s Get To Know Joohoney Together!

We love to celebrate the talents of our favorite artists, so buckle up! Here’s why loving Jooheon is an amazing life choice!

SEVENTEEN Reveal Upcoming Album ATTACCA , Searching For Love Again!

The new piece of ‘Power Of Love’ is coming and we’re so ready to find love with SEVENTEEN!