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We Have No ‘Regrets’ When It Comes To Flynn’s Music

No ‘Regrets’ about listening to this energetic song!

Starving of Thirst

Why Pop-Punk Duo Starving of Thirst Should Be On Your Radar

We have your next favorite pop-punk act right here!

empowering song anthem

3 Empowering Song Anthems For Your Playlists

Take a look at our 3 empowering song anthem picks that will simply blow you away with their sound and lyrics.

Twenty One Pilots Stranger Things

Twenty One Pilots’ ‘Stranger Things // Heathens’ Would Save Us From Vecna

Twenty One Pilots pulls us back from the clutches of Vecna with their ‘Stranger Things // Heathens’ Live performance.


E’LAST Secures Fans’ Love One Social Media Post At A Time

E’LAST’s social medias are filled with quality entertaining content that makes you love the boys even more!

Omega X

Omega X Songs We Hope To Make It To Their Tour Setlist

Omega X ads another ‘first’ to their list!

movie plot

Kelsea Ballerini Inspires Us To Dive ‘Heartfirst‘ Into Creating Our Own Romance Movie Plot

A love story that changes you for the better, this is our made up story born from Kelsea Ballerini’s ‘Heartfirst‘

Sofia Carson

5 Songs By Sofia Carson Your Playlist Needs

We picked a few gems from an incredible artist!