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Holly Humberstone for her new single 'Can You Afford To Lose Me?'

We Can’t Afford To Lose Holly Humberstone

It’ll take us a few working days to get over this one.


Brynn Cartelli’s New Single ‘Convertible In The Rain’ Is Driving Us Crazy

Another song from Brynn Cartelli, perfect for all your driving needs.

Mimi Webb Is The New Pop Star To Watch

Mimi Webb is about to be your favourite pop star. Watch this space.

New singer songwriter CRYBABYAMY releases her new single 'Validation'

CRYBABYAMY Is Validating All Our Feelings With Her New Single

Newcomer CRYBABYAMY makes us want to delete Social Media

New Hope Club

New Hope Club Has Arrived With A ‘L.U.S.H’ New Sound

We have nothing but hope for New Hope Club and this new musical journey.