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Grayscale, Umbra, Dirty Bombs

Step Into UMBRA With Grayscale; Here’s What We Know!

A new era of Grayscale is upon us!


The World is Grayscale’s Diamond & We’re Living in it

Get your dancing shoes on!


Grayscale Talks Setlists and Cheesesteaks

In life, sometimes you’ve just gotta talk about cheesesteaks!

Erica D'Aurora

Behind the Band: Erica D’Aurora

When things get a bit muddy, sometimes you have to call in PR!

Ian Coulson

Behind the Band: Ian Coulson

Don’t be bitter, be better.

Allison Lanza

Behind the Band: Allison Lanza

Whether you’re in the merch line or the VIP line, Allison’s there for you!

Nathan Rogers

Behind the Band: Nathan Rogers

Sometimes it feels like photographers make the world go round! Or, at the very least provide proof that it happened.

Josh Terry

Behind the Band: Josh Terry

MAYDAY MAYDAY – This is one of our favorite interviews yet!

K Enagonio

Behind the Band: K Enagonio

With stunning video and photo work, K Enagonio is this week’s feature!

David Babb

Behind the Band: David Babb

Dropping by with one hell of an interview!