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We absolutely loved chatting with FAKY, see what they had to say!

5 Songs To Listen To Before Red Velvet’s Wendy Makes Her Solo Debut

Fall in love with Wendy all-over again as she gets ready to feel ‘Like Water.’

seori korean artist

Meet Seori: Korean Pop/R&B Artist Brings Love In The Night

With a pop twist on her usual artistry, Seori brings love in the night to the United States.

faky reasons

5 Reasons Why You Should Stan…FAKY

We’re in love with FAKY so we’re giving everyone five reasons why we’re in love with Japan’s hottest girl group!

lo-fi keshi

Introducing The Lo-Fi Prince Keshi And All His Glory

Give it up for the prince of lo-fi Keshi and learn more about who he is before the upcoming album.

God Damn! Monsta X’s I.M Flaunts His Duality

Monsta X’s I.M shows us a new side of his music in a spicy way in a highly-anticipated solo album.

yokai millennium parade

Walking Alongside The Yokai With millennium parade

We’re taking a step into the dark side and walking alongside with the yokai. Will you join?

Mario Schifano

Mario Schifano Has A Grand Exhibition Return To NYC

A couple of us fellow art nerds have fallen in love with this NYC exhibit by a famous Italian painter!

FAKY Brings ‘The Light’ To Fans Worldwide

Our favorite Japanese girl group is here with another record and we’re in LOVE.


CRAVITY Boast That It’s Their Turn To Shine

LUVITY, will you be CRAVITY’s voice? Listen to their new album here!