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Sweet Releases — The Ultimate Musical Indulgence

Its gonna be a High Sugar Musical

Sweet Releases Lifts Your Mood And Your Blood Sugar

The sweetest most delightful treats for your saturday.

Sweet Releases To Sweeten Your Valentine’s Day

We Love These Valentine’s Day’s Sweet Releases

Sweet Releases The Sweetest Daily Musical Fix

Here comes your daily musical sugar rush

Sweet Releases – The Sweetness Is As Sweet As Ever

Here to make your day even sweeter than candy

Sweet Releases Give You A Musical Sugar High

We’ve got something sweet for you, Cookie

Indulge in our Sweet Releases (We Won’t Tell Anyone)

Hive never felt this way about new music bee-fore.

Sweet Releases Its Like Pick ‘N’ Mix For The Ears!

Call us the Candyman, cause the sweets just keep on coming

Sweet Releases Brings Us Sweet New Tunes

We can’t help pollen in love with these sweet new releases

Sweet Releases – Sweetest Cure To Winter Blues

A Spoonful Of Sugar!