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Ross Harris’ New Video Paints The ’Cruel’ World!

Fight the ‘Cruel’ manners with Ross Harris’ artful pop!

Don’t Be ‘Strangers’ To Ashley Kutcher Debut EP!

Count to One Eighty and meet each other with Ashley Kutcher’s new sounds!

The Bees Knees’ New Sounds Fades Into A Dream!

Sweet dreams everyone! The Bees Knees has the right music to slip into new worlds!

Grace Gaustad’s Christmas Plans Are All Sorted!

Grace Gaustad sends you warm Christmas wishes!

‘I Need To Go Home’ And Stream Isla Noon’s New Single

Dance until late hours and feel the vibes with Isla Noon’s new track!

Alice Glass Bites Fiercely With ‘Baby Teeth’

We can say that Canadian singer Alice Glass bites hard!

MAXINE’s Minor Felt Major Hit The Notes Hard!

Forget your heartbreaks and bellyaches with MAXINE debut EP bops!

Jalle ‘I’m Sorry’ I’m Too Addicted To Your Songs!

I’m Sorry to interrupt your regular programing! Jalle is your new shining star!

KAYTRANADA’s Intimidated Grooves Are Killing It!

Feel the beat as it moves you around with the finest Montreal producer Kaytranada!

Visit Sea Girls ‘Hometown’ Anytime!

Let’s take a walk around Sea Girls’ ‘Hometown.’