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EDM Bee-ts: Our Favorite Tracks!

Take a look at some of our favorites!‼️

We Cried Watching Harry Styles’ ‘Satellite’ MV

Can we adopt Stomper? Please?

LE SSERAFIM is ‘Unforgiven’ This Comeback!

LE SSERAFIM slayed this comeback. Literally.

EDM Bee-ts: The Vibes This Week

This week’s vibes are immaculate ✨

Colbie Caillat’s New Song Is ‘Worth It!’

Colbie Caillat is definitely ‘Worth It!’

ElectraQueens Makes Us Feel Powerful With ‘Woman!’

Need something to lift up your spirits? Don’t worry, ElectraQueens has gotchu with ‘Woman!’

EDM Bee-ts: What We’re Headbanging To This Week!

Get ready to headbang it up with these EDM releases!

We Are Intoxicated With Tiiva’s New Single!

Are you ready for your new obsession? Tiiva is right here for some dreamful hyper pop with their new single!

EDM Bee-ts: The Top Releases This Week!

Here are the top EDM releases this week and get prepared to go on a thrilling ride with each and every one of them!

We Are So ‘Giddy’ Over Kep1er’s Comeback!

Kep1er is back with their fourth mini album Lovestruck, and we are so “Giddy” over their amazing talent!