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It’s Official – BTS & COLDPLAY Collaborate With Their New Single ‘My Universe’

Not to say we told you so, but WE TOLD YOU SO!

YouTube Originals’ RELEASED Reads Our Minds – BTS To Finally Feature!

Oh we’re sorry, did you expect us to be silent about this?

We’re Basking In Shawn Mendes & Tainy’s Perfect ‘Summer Of Love’

Call up your college friends and book a flight to Spain!

5 Reasons That Make Huening Kai The Diamond Maknae Of TXT

Did someone say perfection? Oops, we heard Huening Kai- well, not much of a difference anyway.

Pop Smoke & Dua Lipa’s ‘Demeanor’ Has Us Staring

This is THP sending a “clap for the encore.”

‘Don’t Go Yet,’ Camila Cabello Is Back In Business!

Turn up the volume and repeat after us- Camila Cabello has returned!

BTS’ World Of Genres Behind Billboard’s 7-Weeks Showstopper ‘Butter’

BTS has something for everyone to enjoy!

BTS’ 6-Weeks Streak At Billboard Hot 100 With ‘Butter’

Alexa, play ‘Mic Drop’ by Bangtan Sonyeondan.

Gossip Girl Reboot & All Its Secrets We Know So Far

Sshhh- we know we love her, but our secrets don’t. XOXO.

BTS & Their CD Track-list Are Hotter, Sweeter, Cooler

Brb, we’re prepping the dance floor. Didn’t you hear, we just got Permission!