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Taylor Swift Gushes Over Her Lana Del Rey Collab

Here’s hoping there’ll be ‘Snow on the Beach’ this year to celebrate the collab we’ve always dreamed of.

Ozzy Osbourne Makeup Collection Hitting Ulta Stores Now!

Can Ozzy paint our nails for us? Asking for a friend.

5 Times 5SOS Slayed Halloween

Here are 5 times 5SOS owned Halloween, in honor of the holiday and 5SOS5.

Taylor Swift Reveals Midnights Track 11!

Taylor Swift sure has some good ‘Karma’ for sharing her tracklist with fans!

The Kingdom Hearts TV Pilot Resurfaced Two Decades Later

As of recently, an old Kingdom Hearts TV pilot from the early 2000s has resurged online, including a script, cast and plot for the cancelled series.

Harry Styles Is ‘Still The One’ Shania Twain Wants To Collaborate With!

“Man, we feel like screaming into a pillow!” This is definitely ‘Still The One’ we want!

Jack Harlow Teams Up With American Express To Bring Louisville to NYC

Get ready for the exclusive concert of a lifetime!

5 Seconds Of Summer Songs That Need To Be On The 5SOS5 Tour Setlist

We’ve built our dream 5SOS5 setlist, did we do it right?