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Never-Seen Performances We Can’t Get Over From SEVENTEEN’s Be The Sun Tour

They are our one and only sun.

‘Left And Right’ Became A Love Triangle Between Charlie Puth, Jung Kook, And Us 

The song of the summer, or the year indeed, has been unveiled!

Predicting BTS Solos: Which Music Genre Suits Each Of Them (Featuring Minstradamus)

BTS chapter 2, we’re ready!

SEVENTEEN’s Hottest Era Right Here: 7 ‘Hot’ Examples

Could SEVENTEEN stay a little longer in this HOT era?

Yeosang Is A Born Performer: Here Are 5 Fancams That Prove It

We want Yeosang to sing to us ‘I’m in Love’ all day long…

5 Reasons Why Hoshi Is Our Role Model And Should Be Yours

The perfect idol exists. It’s Hoshi.

BTS Picked ARMY’s Favorite Songs And Now We’re Planning Our Dream Concert

Are you ready for the emotional concert that BTS has made for you?

Albums Sold, Fanbase, Talent… SEVENTEEN Are Certified Record Breakers!

We hold the record for being the biggest SEVENTEEN stans

Seven ABBA Songs We Absolutely Love From Their ‘Voyage’ Setlist

The most mythical of mythical groups is back on tour. ABBA has just launched its Voyage residency. We’ve selected for you seven tracks from ABBA Voyage concert program (which may change depending on the dates) that you absolutely must listen to!

Three Causes That Prove That BTS Is Officially The Voice Of Youth And Tolerance

BTS at the White House? Talk about iconic