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Red Velvet's JOY album concept photo

Everything We Know About Red Velvet JOY’s Solo Album!

Get ready to take your JOY vitamins – Hello is on the way!

Seventeen performing 'Don't Wanna Cry'

SEVENTEEN’s ‘Don’t Wanna Cry’ Remains A Cultural Reset

Here’s why we’ll be crying over ‘Don’t Wanna Cry’ forever.

best bridges artists

12 Songs That Prove Bridges Are The Best Part

You know that part of the song that just ~hits~? It’s probably the bridge!

Waterparks cover art

‘Violet!’ by Waterparks Solidifies Their New Era

‘Violet!’ has us feeling ultraviolet while we wait for Greatest Hits!

Lauren Sanderson 'Queen Bee' cover art

‘Queen Bee’ by Lauren Sanderson Has Us Buzzing

Lauren Sanderson can sting us anytime if it means getting new music!

Taemin 'Advice' teaser photo

Our Advice : Get Hyped for Taemin’s Third Mini-Album!

If we could tell you how excited we are for Taemin’s album, we’d be here all day.

Tessa Violet in a red dress

Tessa Violet Presents Bad Ideas: The Experience

After watching this virtual concert, stanning Tessa Violet is nothing but a good idea.

Matthew Koma and Sasha Sloan

Pack Your Suitcase, Winnetka Bowling League and Sasha Sloan Are Taking Us To ‘barcelona’

Right or left, we’d follow Winnetka Bowling League and Sasha Sloan anywhere.

Catt McCreary peace signs

Catt McCreary Proves She’s Not Just a ‘Temporary Vibe’

Catt McCreary is here to help us all live our best lives this summer.

Kesley Bou

We Found Your New Summer Song: ‘gulf blvd’ by Kesley Bou

Get ready to take a trip down gulf blvd!