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Hey, it's your girl Tyra! I love to inspire, captivate, and create new fans while having fun talking about my faves. And of course, discovering new artists in the process. I am such a fangirl and I love it. I create as a fangirl and strive to put my passion and authenticity to have fun and engaging experiences with all audiences. When I'm not writing or creating content, you will find me at home with my cat, at a concert, watching Marvel movies, making a cup of tea, or doing yoga. You'll also find me being an unapologetic Harry Styles and 5 Seconds of Summer enthusiast.

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Harry Styles’ Love On Tour Is Now Part Of His Majestic Ongoing Legacy

Harry Styles’ Love On Tour is forever replaying in the ‘Cinema’ of our hearts!


Not A Toy Is Shaking Things Up With PRBLMS

Together with Not A Toy we’re creating (the best) PRBLMS


Gretta Ray’s ‘America Forever’ Is A Poem For Those Seeking Adventure In New Places

We want you to stay in ‘America Forever’ too, Gretta!


Spencer Sutherland’s ‘Chicken Little’ Gets Us Out Of Our Shells

Can we get an invite next time you have a disco party at the laundromat Spencer?


viisi’s ‘god d*mn!’ Is The Ode To Ending Sticky Situationships

Why leave them on read to ignore them when you can send this song instead? It’ll send the same message!


We’ll Never Get The “Ick” For Danny Ray Only ‘Strawberry Kisses’

The only “ick” we have is when people don’t stan Danny Ray…..


Maisie Peters’ The Good Witch Is A Tarot Deck In The Music World

Let’s put the album on shuffle and pick a card to see what deep life lesson we are learning from Maisie!


Indiana Jones Is Concluding But The Legend Will Live Forever

Do you think Indiana Jones might become more of a legend than Jason in The Argonautica?


MetLife Stadium Had The Best ‘Visiting Hours’ With Ed Sheeran

The Mathematics Tour can’t get anymore ‘Perfect’ after the MetLife Stadium nights….or can it?