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AZRA And Beyond Creating Music: THP Exclusive

What you can do, AZRA can do it better.

Yves V Breaking Records Through The Mainstage: Exclusive Interview

This DJ has the magic touch!

Exclusive Interview: SRY Done Apologizing With Volatile Single

We’re not even apologizing for how much we love this latest single!

We’re Suckers For Katastro After Our Exclusive Interview

Check out Katastro! You’ll be a sucker for them to, guaranteed, with all their sweet music.

Connecting With Tesher In Our Exclusive Interview

Tesher is hitting more milestones with more remixes and we’re so here for it!

Headlong Into Nirvana With Royal & The Serpent In Our Exclusive Interview

Come as you are, Royal & The Serpent! We love you for it!

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Nick Wilson On Exploring Emotion With Song

Just take all of our money for your tour already, Nick Wilson!

Diving Into Life With CAL In Our Exclusive Interview

We’ve got CAL on our mind with all that amazing art he creates!

Getting Real With SonReal In Our Exclusive Interview

Post-2020 is still keeping SonReal busy and we can’t wait to see what he has in store!


Audrey Mika: Interview With A Dancer Turned Musician

Audrey Mika is making a big splash in the music world and we’re so here for it!