Arpita Sarkar

Studying for PhD in English. Writer of Woman's Era Delhi Press Magazine and the Senior Writer at The Honey Pop Magazine.


writer, concert goer and pop culture expert

Brittaney Penney

Executive Photo Editor of The Honey POP. Lover of Dr Pepper Zero, Christmas lights, and cross-county road trips.

Fabrizio Salerno

Journalist by day, Content creator creating reaction videos by night. Baruch College alum. Writing is kinda my thing.

Sage Knueppel

Writer for The Honey Pop. Dr.Pepper Stan. Comedic Relief Friend at All Times.

Jazmin Williams

Creative Director of The Honey POP. Disney and pop culture enthusiast.


Kristy Choung

Kristy Choung (She/Her) is studying English and Education at UC Berkeley. In her free time, she likes to crochet winter clothing, scroll endlessly on TikTok, and watch anime. She can be found on Instagram @kristychoung.

Khushboo Malhotra

Pop fanatic and a dreamer, I breathe music and everything that comes along! Have a story? Get in touch: Twitter: @KhushMalhotra

Laney Gibbons

twenty, london. film student.

Paulina Vales

Senior Writer and Interview Team Member at The Honey Pop!

Sofia Sayson

Sofia Sayson loves following the most successful names and the on the rise artists in the music industry. Contact:

Sheila Uría Véliz

22. writer and multi-instrumentalist.

Toyah Ann

Photographer, writer & editor for The Honey POP.