EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Sena Kana Talks Japanese Proverbs, ‘Show Me,’ Collabs, And More!

“Good fortune comes to those who sing” and Sena Kana sure can sing!

Happy - fits

The Happy Fits Reminds Us We Always Have ‘Another Try’

Get back up and give it ‘Another Try’ with The Happy Fits as the perfect soundtrack!

On The Rise – Indigo

Got caught up in feelings that I shouldn’t have…

On The Rise – Elizabeth Leslie

Wanting To Be Free …

Exclusive Interview: It’s Hard Not To Focus On Lisa Danaë When She’s Such A ‘Starlet’

It’s Time To ‘Press Reset’ so we can experience Lisa Danaë’s music for the first time.

On The Rise – Andria Piperni

We’ve only a few good years left now, Yeah that’s what they say.. But who’s really counting anyway!

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Charlotte Jane Talks Music, Performing Live Again, And More!

We are ‘Loving The Light’ and Charlotte Jane!

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Denis Coleman On ‘pillowTHOUGHTS,’ His Songwriting Process, and Mental Health

Denis tells us all his ‘pillowTHOUGHTS’ in our exclusive interview!

Don’t Say “Goodbye” to Georgia Webster Because She’s Here to Stay

Reminisce with us as we talk with Georgia Webster!

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Sophie Powers Spills The Tea On ‘1 Thing,’ Working With Kellin Quinn, And Being Young In The Industry

Sophie Powers is bringing her power to the music industry!

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