Tina Karol And Luca Dayz Interview: Music, Hollywood Walk Of Fame, And Uncle Snoop

Get to know the latest and greatest out of Tina Karol and Luca Dayz.

JP Saxe Photos Courtesy of DediKATed pr

JP Saxe Interview: The World Could Use Some Magic, Melody and ‘A Little Bit Yours’

If the world was ending, JP Saxe could be ‘A Little Bit Yours.’

emma blackery

Emma Blackery Exclusive Interview: Lockdown Creativity, Mind Behind the Music, & The Sims. Yes, The Sims.

Our arms will always be open to Emma Blackery!

INTERVIEW: We Bowled A Strike With This Winnetka Bowling League Interview

Winnetka Bowling League: Bowling strikes with every song!

Interview: James Bourne Talks Going Solo, Positive Messages, And 2020

James Bourne is going solo and we got the chance to chat with him about it!

lovelytheband promo

Conversations With lovelytheband: A THP Exclusive

a THP exclusive interview

priscilla block

INTERVIEW: Get To Know Priscilla Block

Get to know Priscilla Block!


SCANDAL The Girls That Put Rock in J-Rock

SCANDAL has our full attention, find out something new or just what you’ve been missing.

INTERVIEW: MAKEOUT Make Us Want To Melt In This Exclusive Q&A!

Makeout swooping in to make our day!

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