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Sweet Releases They Get Sweeter Every Week!

This week, It’s getting sickly sweet

Chelsea Cutler is set to release her debut studio album on January 17.

Chelsea Cutler Dives Into What It Means To Be Human In Debut Album

If this album doesn’t make you feel something, we don’t know what will.

Uncle Dan: A Drunk-Punk Philly Delicacy

And we thought nothing was better than Philly’s cheese steak

Sweet Releases Brings You Sweet Melodies

A spoonful of sugar helps the sadness fade away

Word on the Street is The Word Alive Have Announced a New Album!

Handle with care. This album is gonna be fire!

Can’t Stop Our EXO Obsession With The Release Of New Album

Just call us obsessed and let us go

Sweet Releases — Our Christmas Gift To You.

Say, these new releases aren’t too shab-bee

Sweet Releases

Sweet Releases – This Weeks Sweetest Tunes

Honestly, there’s nothing sweeter!

K-pop sensation TXT release new music video for “Magic Island!”

TXT’s new video is … magical tbh

Awsten Has A Book Out & You Need To Read It!

You’d Be Paranoid Too, If Everyone Was Out To Get You!