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Top 7 EXO Moments of 2019

From start to finish, 2019 was the year of EXO.

k-pop choreographies

From Loona to Monsta X – Here’s 10 Awesome K-POP Choreographies of 2019!

One of the things that made me stick around as a K-POP fan when I…

The Top 7 BLACKPINK Moments of 2019

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Stray Kids “Mixtape : Gone Days”

Following tradition, Stray Kids added a mixtape project to their comebacks and closed 2019 with…

Our BLACKPINK 2020 Comeback Wishlist

Can they just come back already?

HINAPIA’s Debut: Check Out K-Pop’s Newest Girl Group

Say hello to the new k-pop group that are dripping with success!

November 22nd…You Mean Kihyun Day!

Happy Birthday to Kihyun ONLY

K-pop sensation TXT release new music video for “Magic Island!”

TXT’s new video is … magical tbh

Jopping with SuperM at ‘We Are the Future’ Tour

Jopping into a city near you