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HINAPIA’s Debut: Check Out K-Pop’s Newest Girl Group

Say hello to the new k-pop group that are dripping with success!

November 22nd…You Mean Kihyun Day!

Happy Birthday to Kihyun ONLY

K-pop sensation TXT release new music video for “Magic Island!”

TXT’s new video is … magical tbh

Jopping with SuperM at ‘We Are the Future’ Tour

Jopping into a city near you

Rapper ONE’s New Album Is Out And It’s AMAZING!

Omg – if you’re looking for ‘The ONE’ look no further…

Simon Cowell KPOP UKPOP

KPOP Stans Aren’t Best Pleased With Simon Cowell Right Now – Here’s Why

UK-POP? Umm, no thanks…

Hawthorne Heights Take Their Music To Another Level

We’re falling apart over this band tbh

Ranked: We’ve listed Blackpink’s EPs – Do You Agree?

Don’t even BLINK(S) or you’ll miss our ranking