Legends Supporting Legends

Legends Supporting Legends: Artists Who Stan Olivia Rodrigo

So many legends we can’t help but forget to keep our cool!

It’s Official – BTS & COLDPLAY Collaborate With Their New Single ‘My Universe’

Not to say we told you so, but WE TOLD YOU SO!

Legends Supporting Legends: Musicians That Admire Taylor Swift

We are all swifties at heart!

YouTube Originals’ RELEASED Reads Our Minds – BTS To Finally Feature!

Oh we’re sorry, did you expect us to be silent about this?

Legends Supporting Legends: 10 Of Our Faves Who Stan Harry Styles As Much As We Do

Harry Styles has fellow pop stars ‘Falling’ for him too!

Legends Supporting Legends: Popstars Who Are BTS ARMY Just Like Us

Breaking into every pop stars heart like that!

Little Mix K-POP Girl Groups

Legends Supporting Legends: K-POP Girl Groups Who Look Up To Little Mix

Some of the most famous Mixers are KPOP idols!

Legends Supporting Legends: K-Pop Groups and Idols Who Love 5SOS Just as Much as We Do

We are thriving from these interactions and covers!