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Exclusive Interview: Evanthia Brought Us To The Deep End

It’s time to introduce a new star ⭐

New Must-Listen-To Music: Niall Horan’s The Show, Sam Smith, EMELINE, And More!

TGIF! and TG we have all this new music from so many artists! We’re overwhelmed but in the best way.

Fresh Music Friday: Big Time Rush, Tyler Posey, And More!

We are Big Time Rush stans, first and foremost!

5 Måneskin Songs We Need to Hear On Tour

The Måneskin tour is set to be top tier already, but we are absolutely ‘Beggin’ to hear these songs live!

THP Premiere: Lovers Turn Into Heartbreak Assassins In Kelsey Hickman’s ‘Novocaine’ Music Video

Cupid should’ve gifted us with this music video instead.

Which Supermarket Aisle Would One Find Tinashe’s Grocery List ‘Needs’ In?

Call for clean-up on aisle 333.

Interview: Brianna Harness Dishes On ‘Lonely,’ Cowgirls Don’t Cry, And More!

You won’t feel ‘Lonely’ in your emotions when you hear her music!

Re-creating Anne-Marie And Shania Twain’s Wild West Looks In The ‘UNHEALTHY’ Music Video

Does the wild west have a mall so we can buy these outfits?

Casi Joy

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Casi Joy Brings Infectious Energy AND Music!

#Confirmed: Casi joy is in fact; a JOY!