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5 Things We Hope To See In ZOMBIES 3 When It Hits Disney+

‘Someday’ we can look back at this list and see if our guesses were right!

Tempers on stage live in NYC

Tempers: Shoegaze Meets Synth Pop Live In NYC

We’re manifesting another Tempers concert please! We are hooked!

BoyWithUke’s Serotonin Dreams Album Is Everything We Dreamed It Would Be

After this album, he’ll have to change his name to BoyWithHits!

5 Things We Learned From Harry Styles’ Better Homes & Gardens Interview

Get ready for the most authentic Harry yet

Lemonade Baby Brings Heartbreak To The Digital Era With ‘i blocked ur account’

We’d swipe right on this song!

How Lil Nas X Has Changed The Music Industry For LGBTQ+ Artists

He’s gone from Lil Nas X, the ‘Old Town Road’ guy, to Montero, a queer superstar!

BIGBANG Still Life

An Emotional Deep Dive Into BIGBANG’S ‘Still Life’

Dropping a trail of petals as we leave the Flower Road

ITZY Turn Up The ‘Voltage’ With Their First Japanese Comeback

And they decided to ‘Spice’ it up with a stunning b-side!

Imagining Our Dream Silk Sonic GRAMMY Awards Performance

We hope the bouncers will ‘Leave The Door Open’ so no attendee misses their set!


Come and see Sofia shining bright with us!