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Exclusive Interview: Broadside

This isn’t the last time you’ll be hearing about Broadside no no no

Why Demi Lovato’s ‘Still Alive’ For Scream VI Shouldn’t Be Their Only Foray Into The Horror Genre 

Not even Ghostface can keep Demi Lovato from proclaiming she’s ‘still alive.’

8 Things We Hope To See in Wednesday Season 2

The Netflix original Wednesday is renewed for Season 2 and we can’t stop thinking about what’s coming!

New Music Weekly: Catie Turner, Bazzi & More!

Catie Turner is the moment

PACKS Go Underground To Perform An Intimate Gig

We are excited to share this live review, we guess you could say it’s PACKed full of content.

It’s ‘About Damn Time’ For Lizzo To Get The Recognition She Deserves

The ‘Rumors’ are true – she’s one of the biggest stars of the century!

Exclusive Interview & Live Session: Gretchin Talks ‘Petals On The Dash’ And Their ‘Coffee’ Order!

One of the most raw and honest rising stars who needs to be on your playlists!


Spencer Sutherland Enchants And Takes Indianapolis, IN Into His Mania

The moment we saw Spencer’s gorgeous face and heard his angelic vocals, we knew that this tour was our personal heaven!

April Music Round-Up: George Ezra , Jack Harlow & More!

We worship the ‘Green Green Grass’ George Ezra walks on.

8 Times aespa Inspired Us, In Honor Of ‘Life’s Too Short’

“Why would I ever stop” looking up to these incredible girls?