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Fashion Fix: Ashton Irwin’s Led Zeppelin Tie Dye Shirt

We’ve found what we’re looking for – a bargain!

5SOS Has Done It Again And We’re A ‘Complete Mess’

If you see us crying on the floor, in a ‘complete mess’ … no you didn’t

5SOS header

Our Fave Introspective 5SOS Lyrics In Honor Of 5SOS5

It’s happening!!!


QUIZ: What Iconic Calum Hood Moment Are You?

What Calum moment will you get?


Calum Hood’s 25th Birthday Fundraiser

5SOS fans are getting together to raise funds for We Need Crew!

QUIZ: We Can Guess Your Favorite 5SOS Song

We can guess your favorite 5SOS song with this quiz, or you get your money back.

‘Me Myself & I’ Is The Honey POP’s Song Of The Summer: Confirmed!

We have been screaming nonstop!

5SOS Furthers Our Nostalgia With The Video For ‘2011’

One word, Calum Hood.


QUIZ: What Ashton Irwin Drumming Face Are You?

Oh the many faces of Ashton Irwin!