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Let The Celebrations Begin: 5SOS Announces 5 Seconds Of Summer Show & ‘2011’

We are screaming and not sure how to stop.


10 Things We Learned From 5SOS’ 10 Years Podcast

What did we learn from 5SOS’ podcast? Don’t trust 5SOS. 😹

We Are Drowning In 5SOS Content Right Now, And We Love It!

We’re drowning and 5SOS5 is the life raft!


5SOS Take Us Into An Introspective Dream With ‘Take My Hand’

Take your hand? You don’t have to ask twice! 🤝

5SOS Has Done It Again And We’re A ‘Complete Mess’

If you see us crying on the floor, in a ‘complete mess’ … no you didn’t

These Four 5SOS Songs Deserve More Love

All you need is love… and these 5SOS songs!

5sos during the CALM era

10 5SOS Songs That Should Have Been Singles

It’s a travesty that these didn’t make the cut to be singles!

Between The Lyrics & Lines: 10 5SOS Songs As Books

Psst, 5SOS, have you ever thought about writing books? Maybe?


Fanlanthropy: 5SOS And The Venezuelan Crisis

We’re shining a light on the fans who are using fandom to do good.

QUIZ: Throw A Holiday Party And We’ll Tell You What 5SOS Buys You For Christmas

If you’ve ever wondered what Luke, Michael, Calum, or Ashton would gift you for the holidays, now’s your time to shine!