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Fashion Fix: BLACKPINK Rosé’s Black Overalls

Twin with Rosé for a real steal!

Fashion Fix: Harry Styles ‘All Things Must Pass’ Hoodie

Treat Yourself With Kindness and cop Harry’s hoodie for a steal.

Fashion Fix: Jisoo of BLACKPINK’s Kitten Crop Top

We feel ‘Pretty Savage’ copping this crop for a bargain!

Fashion Fix: BTS Jungkook’s Cable Knitted Vest

You can look smooth like Jungkook for a bargain!

Fashion Fix: Jimin of BTS’s Lover T-Shirt

We ‘Promise’ this t-shirt is worth the bargain!

Fashion Fix: Jennie’s Pastel Long Beanie

We feel ‘Pretty Savage’ twinning with Jennie!

Fashion Fix: Soobin’s Blue Hoodie

Twin with Soobin for a steal!

Fashion Fix: Miley Cyrus’s ‘Angel’ Hoodie

We got ‘Inspired’ by Miley’s style and found this for a bargain!


Fashion Fix: Taemin’s Hockey Dawn T-Shirt

Our ‘Advice’ – pick up Taemin’s tee for a bargain!

Fashion Fix: Olivia Rodrigo’s Tartan Teddy Tee

It would be ‘good 4 u’ to twin with Olivia Rodrigo!