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We’re Going Insane For FRND CRCL’s New Song, ‘Clinically Insane’

It’s ‘insane’ how much we love this new song by FRND CRCL!


Rising Star Jack Kane’s New Song Is Intimate And Warm

‘Tell Me What I Need To Do?’ Listen to Jack Kane’s new song!

Blame My Youth Releases New Songs, ‘Stupid Human’ and ‘Prizefighter’

Don’t blame us if you still haven’t checked out rising rock band, Blame My Youth.

3 New Songs To Add To Your Sad Vibes Playlist

These songs by Devin Kennedy, Lily Moore, and Softee may be sad, but they are a vibe.

Joshua Roberts of Magnolia Park Releases Angelic New Song, ‘Angel’

Joshua Roberts truly has the voice of an ‘Angel’

ODESZA Makes Us Dream with Their New Song ‘To Be Yours!’

Get ready to lay on the grass and daydream with ODESZA’s new song ‘To Be Yours!’

The Forecast Looks Bright, Thanks To These New Songs From Weathers!

Looks like these will be on repeat!

We Only Have A Positive ‘Reaction’ To HUNNY’s New Song, ‘action –> reaction’

Brb, changing our name to The HUNNY POP because that’s how much we love this new song.

Let’s ‘Face’ It, Magnolia Park’s New Song, ‘Facedown’ Is A Positive Pop Punk Anthem

Magnolia Park’s new song, ‘Facedown’ is hands down, one of our favorites!

Keep In Mind That Between You & Me Has An Amazing New Song, ‘Nevermind’

Don’t say ‘nevermind’ if you’re thinking about listening to Between You & Me’s new song, ‘Nevermind’