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Letdown. Has Become Our ‘Crying in the Shower’ Soundtrack

Excuse us while we cry in the shower to ‘Happiness is Overrated.’

On The Rise – Elizabeth Leslie

Wanting To Be Free …

T-Pop Luss

T-Pop Boost: These Thai Songs Give Us Major Cravings

Too yummy for our ears! 🤤

These Angsty Love Songs Are The Cure To Every Toxic Romance

These bad for you songs are way too good for us!

modernlove. by Daniel Harris

Why modernlove. Has Been ‘Only Ever Only You’ for Us

modernlove., an Irish four piece, captured our hearts with their new song.

EDM Bee-ts: What We’re Headbanging To This Week!

Get ready to headbang it up with these EDM releases!

EDM Bee-ts: The Top Releases This Week!

Here are the top EDM releases this week and get prepared to go on a thrilling ride with each and every one of them!

EDM Bee-ts: The Freshest New Tunes This Week Has To Offer

Welcome to the first edition of our new column, EDM Bee-ts!

Purity Ring In Fort Lauderdale Brought Us To Another Planet

We wanted the show to ‘begin again’ since we enjoyed it so much!

P1Harmony Is Ready To Make US TV Debut With New Mini-Album

P1eces! P1Harmony are not backing down with this new album!