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Everything We Know About Selena Gomez’s Upcoming Album

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JP Saxe Photos Courtesy of DediKATed pr

JP Saxe Interview: The World Could Use Some Magic, Melody and ‘A Little Bit Yours’

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5 Songs To Prepare You For JP Saxe’s Headline Tour!

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sabrina carpenter

Watch Sabrina Carpenter’s Latest Cinematic Video For ‘Fast Times’

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21 Country x Pop Collab Crossovers That Put A Little Giddy-Up In Your Step

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Lewis Capaldi Released A Celebrity Sing-Along Video For ‘Bruises’ And We Weren’t Invited! (The Nerve!)

We weren’t invited and it’s fine. WE’RE FINE.

13 LANY Songs For Your Playlists That Bring All The Feels

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Katy For Kings ‘Hard On Myself’ Life Advices

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Introducing Interview: We Chat With Alexandra Kessler To Get To Know The Singer-Songwriter A Little Better

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Elise Eriksen Hits The Golden Number With New EP

The yellow brick road? Follow the golden path where Elise Eriksen leads the way!