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Our New Boyband Obsession Is Here At Last!

The newest addition to our pop playlist is Here At Last!

We’ve Been Staying In To Listen To ‘Homebody’ By Beach Weather

We’re definitely staying in to listen to Beach Weather’s new song, ‘Homebody.’

We’re Losing Our Minds Over Emei’s New Single ‘Scatterbrain’

Emei lets us know it’s okay to be a ‘Scatterbrain’ sometimes!

4 Reasons We’re Loving Hailee Steinfeld’s ‘Coast’

Sun, surf, and Hailee are all we want from the ‘Coast!’

You Me At Six Has The Cure To All Our Problems, And It’s ‘:mydopamine:’

We know this comes as a shock to no one, You Me At Six has us in our feels again.

The Wanted Reimagine ‘Gold Forever’ To Pay Tribute To Tom Parker

It’s been just a few months since we lost the incredibly talented Tom Parker, who…

These Are Our Early Favorites From Ed Sheeran’s = (Equals)

The songwriting king is back and better than ever


EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Anarbor Is About To Drop The Dopest Album EVER!

Anarbor having the coolest album ever? CHECK!

We’re ‘Dizzy’ With Love For Chloe Moriondo’s Live Show in London

This is definitely a ‘Luv Note’ to our pop princess Chloe Moriondo!

The Good Morning Gorgeous Tour Comes To Texas!

The Queen has arrived!