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Foo Fighters’ But Here We Are As Tarot Cards

But Here We Are has such beautiful and vivid imagery that we just had to make connections to tarot cards.


The Show Must Go On And Niall Horan Ensures It Does

Hey Lovers, there’s no business like show business! And Niall Horan knows how to put on The Show of a lifetime.

Your Guide To New Hope Club: A Fandom FAQ

It’s time to officially welcome you to the club!

Exclusive Interview: Ananya On ‘gone (forever!)’ And The Eras Tour Setlist

It’s just a rule at this point that if someone stans ‘Call It What You Want,’ we have to stan *them*

Exclusive Interview: KiD RAiN Doesn’t Ever Show Just ‘Half’ Of His Talent!

‘But somehow still halfway towards where I’m supposed to be’

Exclusive Interview: Echosmith Is Back With Bittersweet Single, ‘Sour’

Did someone say new interview???

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: We’re Ascending With Sarah Kinsley’s New EP

We’re floating listening to Sarah’s EP

Exclusive Interview: Catching Up With Sadie Jean ‘Just Because’ We Love Her New Single

We need you to stop what you’re doing and listen to ‘Just Because’ right now


Louis Tomlinson Is The ‘Headline’r At The Away From Home Festival 2023

We don’t want Louis Tomlinson to ever get out of our system, lucky for us he touring non-stop for Faith In The Future and now a new festival!