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binge worthy buzz

Binge-Worthy Buzz: We’re Back With Some Sweet New Releases

Psst, come over here, we got some new stuff for you to binge-watch!

QUIZ: Which Christmas Movie Universe Should You Live In?

Ever wished your fave holiday movies were like a snow globe you could disappear into? This quiz will tell you which movie you’d thrive in!

voyagers poster

This Is Us Freaking Out Over Voyagers New Trailer

April will come bearing gifts for all of us Sci-Fi fans!

sing 2 poster

Sing 2 Will Have Us All Singing Through Christmas

Start warming up your voices, because we’re getting a Sing sequel!

Horror Movies Posters 2022

11 Best Horror Films That Will Make You Scream In 2022

Get ready for a year full of frights and jump scares!

Eternals Is Coming Home With Disney+!

We are never leaving home!

Scary Movies You Should Be Watching This Halloween!

So here I have given you my scary movies you should be watching this Halloween!…

Clouds Has Us Escaping the World

Clouds roll and break and so too will our lives.

binge worthy buzz

Binge-Worthy Buzz: Want To Get Into Sci-Fi? We Got You!

We promise there’s something in sci-fi for everyone. Don’t believe us? Read this article and find out.

12 Days 12 Movies (Day 3 Movie Review)

Day 3 of our countdown to Christmas continues with a British Christmas classic!