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We Vote For Ashley Winstead’s The Boyfriend Candidate To Be Your Next Read!

You know ‘The Boyfriend Candidate’ is good when you go to reread it right after you finish it the first time!

Pack Your Bags! Miss Peregrine’s Museum Of Wonders Is Taking Us On A Trip Around The Peculiar World

This indispensable guide has everything from a map of time loops to how to blend in with normals!

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Kasie West Talks Her New Book Places We’ve Never Been And Upcoming Projects

Currently blasting Olivia Rodrigo in Teen RV.

Ever Since

EVER SINCE By Alena Bruzas: A Profound Exploration Of Resilience, Empathy, And The Journey To Healing

Beautifully yet painfully written book!

Here’s Why We Love Midnight Strikes By Zeba Shahnaz

You’ve never seen a Cinderella adaptation like Zeba Shahnaz’s ‘Midnight Strikes’ before!

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Kiera Cass on A Thousand Heartbeats, Addictive Romance, Favorite Tropes, and More!

Royal enemies to lovers, need we say more?

Another Dimension Of Us

EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK AND INTERVIEW: Mike Albo On Another Dimension Of Us, Astral Projection, Queer History, And More!

Mike Albo takes us on an emotional and queer journey across the astral plane in his upcoming book Another Dimension Of Us.

First Weekend Of Summerfest 2023 Is In The Books! Here’s What You Missed!

This is the festival of the summer! (We’re so sorry…)

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Elizabeth Lim On The Dragon’s Promise, Her Writing Process, And More!

We had the chance to chat with Elizabeth Lim about her newest release, The Dragon’s Promise, and so much more!

3 Reasons Why Ali Hazelwood’s Check & Mate Is A Must-Read!

Did we buy a chess set after reading this? Absolutely.