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We Never Want To Get ‘Older’ Without 5 Seconds Of Summer

5 Seconds of Summer have us in shambles again with their new release ‘Older’.

5 Times 5 Seconds Of Summer Made Us Proud To Be 5SOS Fam

5 Seconds Of Summer has made us proud for the past ten years!

QUIZ: Which Skit From The 5 Seconds Of Summer Show Are You?

“No, its 5Sauce”

QUIZ: Throw A Holiday Party And We’ll Tell You What 5SOS Buys You For Christmas

If you’ve ever wondered what Luke, Michael, Calum, or Ashton would gift you for the holidays, now’s your time to shine!

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We’ve built our dream 5SOS5 setlist, did we do it right?


One Night to Remember and For ONO 5SOS Take On Royal Albert Hall

Who knew 5SOS could sound even more angelic?

Just A Few Times Ashton Irwin Had Fans Screaming

We just love Ashton Irwin a lot, yk?

Pick Your Fave Lyric From ‘Complete Mess’ By 5SOS And We’ll Give You A Book Recommendation

5SOS makes us complete, but you know what else does? Books, of course!

QUIZ: Which Track On 5SOS5 Should You Be Claiming?

The most important, personality-defining quiz you’ll ever take, obviously.

‘Take My Hand’ All The Way To 5 Seconds of Summer’s World Tour

Yes, 5SOS, you can Take My Hand.