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NCT’s Taeyong Has The Bounce in Solo Debut

“Don’t kill our vibe” as Taeyong’s solo debut is finally here!

YUNGBLUD Rocks His Debut Edinburgh Show

Mosh pits, good vibes and a bit of punk rock. What’s not to love?

Xikers Unlock The Doors To House Of Tricky In Their Captivating Debut.

Xikers spectacular debut got us feeling like Rockstars!

Chloe Star Shows Us She’s In Her ‘Element’ With Her Debut Single!

We can’t stop listening to this perfect pop debut!

5 New K-Pop Groups We’re Anticipating to Debut in 2023

We can’t wait to start our streaming engines when they debut!

Gunnar’s Debut Album, Best Mistake, Is A Riot

We want to ‘Keep You Around’ Gunnar Gehl!


Exclusive Interview: Zito “Slays” Us With Her Debut Single

We’re pleased to share this debut single with you and will be screaming it off of rooftops until we get more Zito!

K-POP HOTSPOT: February 2023 Comebacks And Debuts Roundup

These songs made our Valentine’s Season even better!

K-POP HOTSPOT: May 2023 Comebacks And Debuts Roundup

May had us shaking in our booties with K-Pop releases!

K-POP HOTSPOT: April 2023 Comebacks And Debuts Roundup

The easter bunny brought a lot of bangers this year!