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Something Exciting Is Blooming For The Vamps And Their Vamily

2021 is already in bloom! The Vamps are going on tour, and we’re already in the ticket line!

the vamps

The Vamps Cherry Blossom Bloomed Into A Number One Album!

Who knew The Vamps had a green thumb! Their new album Cherry Blossom won first prize!

James McVey

Who I Am: Our Review Of James Brittain-McVey’s Pre-The Vamps Solo EP

Think maybe he’d be down to rerecord these songs for us?

We’re Getting Ready To Stay:Up For The Vamps And This Amazing Charity

The Vamps are top notch guys and this charity livestream just proves it further!

New Era of The Vamps is Coming and Fans are Losing Their Minds!


2020 May Have Us Going Through It, But The Vamps Are Here To Brighten Our Day!

The Vamps are delivering a live stream that you’re not going to want to miss!

QUIZ: Which The Vamps Album Is The Soundtrack Of Your Life?

Don’t ‘Worry’ this quiz is sure to help you break through the boredom!

Here’s 6 Reasons Why You Need To Stop Sleeping On The Vamps

Stop sleeping on The Vamps immediately, and here’s why!

QUIZ: Which Song From The Vamps ‘Cherry Blossom’ Should You Claim?

Our excitement is in full bloom as we anticipate ‘Cherry Blossom.’ Find out which song you should claim off The Vamps’ new album!

Fresh Music Friday: SEVENTEEN, Fletcher, The Vamps… and MORE!

Turn the volume up and vibe to this week’s Fresh Music Friday!