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New Music Releases: Cannons And Sarcastic Sounds!

We’re alternating ‘Loving You’ by Cannons and ‘Stumbling’ by Sarcastic Sounds on repeat!

Emily James’ New Single ‘Happy For Me’ The Self-Love Anthem We’re Happy To Have

Emily James celebrates self-love in new single, ‘Happy For Me’ and we couldn’t be happier!

ODESZA Makes Us Dream with Their New Song ‘To Be Yours!’

Get ready to lay on the grass and daydream with ODESZA’s new song ‘To Be Yours!’

Louis Tomlinson Introduced Us To These Bands, So We’re Sharing Them With You

Thanks to Louis, our stan list just keeps growing!

LA music artists mentioned in text

5 Songs To Listen To If You’re In An LA Mood

Grab your I HEART LA shirts and let’s get into it!

A Walk Through Christian French’s Songs Are Less ‘Lonely’ With The Mastermind By Your Side

This interview will do the opposite of ‘bring you down’

With Love From… Aly & AJ

Aly & AJ never cease to be breaths of fresh air in the industry!

Behind The Lyrics Of Fritz Hager’s New Single ‘Caroline’

brb changing our name to ‘Caroline’