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12 Musical Talents We Discovered Through Ye Olde TikTok

TikTok has never blessed us more than with these 12 artists!

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: We’re Ascending With Sarah Kinsley’s New EP

We’re floating listening to Sarah’s EP

Thai Cupnoodle Interview THP

INTERVIEW: Cupnoodle — When Comfort Food Turns Into Comfort Music

It’s a lot deeper than it seems.

Houndmouth Is Beyond Good For You In NYC

Houndmouth transports us to ‘Sedona’ at a sold out set at Webster Hall.

2021/9/29 -Kate Bollinger - New York, NY

Kate Bollinger Is Far From The ‘Shadows’

Kate Bollinger is a force to be reckoned with.


Not A Toy Embarks On A New Era With Their New Fearless Hit ‘Nervous’

How can we feel ‘Nervous’ with Not A Toy when they compliment us with “lookin like summertime ice cream?”


Annie Blackman’s Bug EP Is One You Want To Have Land On You

Annie’s EP is full of songs that crawl deep into your experiences about the tug-of-war between your heart and your head


KTJ & Carly Warn Of The ‘Nice Guy But’ In This Exclusive Interview

If you have to say “but,” take KTJ & Carly’s advice and leave it be.


You, Us, And Sum Sun Are ‘Sippin’ Serotonin’

Don’t mind us, we’ve just been ‘Sippin’ Serotonin’ and feeling great about life as Sum Sun instructed us to do!

If Only The Poets Are Gonna ‘Jump!’ We’re Jumping Too!

We’d ‘Jump!’ into the deep blue for Only The Poets, because this is …. family.