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Kayzo's newest single 'Rules Of The Game' is out now!

Kayzo Decided to Define His Own ‘Rules Of The Game’

Kayzo has been one busy bee and now he’s making his own rules, we stan

Kayzo: New Song and UNLEASHED Tour

Kayzo is headed straight for the top, wouldn’t you like to see him in action?

Kayzo Releases Collaborative Single With Atreyu

Get your ‘Battle Drums’ and enjoy this bop!

We’re Breathless for New Bad Omens and Kayzo

If the past has been a indication of trend, you should really check out this new mix.

Kayzo Is Being Unleashed In North America and We Are Hyped!

‘Feel The Power’ On Kayzo’s North American ‘Unleashed’ Tour!

Kayzo Wows Us Again!

He’s baaaaaaack!

Kayzo Has A New Single and ‘Lights Out’ Is a KO

It’s Lights Out for Kayzo … and US!

Kayzo & Subtronics A Collab We Didn’t Know We Needed!

We just can’t get enough of Kayzo!

Kayzo's newest single 'Rules Of The Game' is out now!

‘Breakable’ EDM’s Neapolitan Ice Cream Coma

Three great artist in one juicy song.

Brandon Saller’s Living Room Live, Are You In?

A couch concert and you’re invited courtesy of Brandon Saller of Atreyu.