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Fresh Music Friday: Loren Gray, Khalid, And More!

Loren Gray is THE pop it girl – we don’t make the rules, we just enforce them…

New Music Releases: Cannons And Sarcastic Sounds!

We’re alternating ‘Loving You’ by Cannons and ‘Stumbling’ by Sarcastic Sounds on repeat!

Dreamcatcher Are Giving Us A ‘Reason’ To Celebrate Their 6th Anniversary

Dreamcatcher aren’t going anywhere and neither are we

Here’s Everything We Know About TXT’s The Name Chapter: FREEFALL So Far

Will we be saying Farewell to Neverland all over again?


Here’s Everything We Know About J-Hope’s Upcoming Documentary J-Hope IN THE BOX On Disney+

We will be watching this on repeat!

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: We Are Forever In Nox Holloway’s ‘Orbit’

We fell in love with Nox Holloway and you will to!

Our Fave Moments From Luke Hemmings’ When Facing The Things We Turn Away From Era

Nothing Luke Hemmings does could ever be considered bad.

New Music Weekly: FLETCHER, Echosmith & More!

Make no mistake, FLETCHER is putting out the best music of her career right now

Must-Hear New Music From Two Friends, Charlotte Cardin, And Lovejoy!

We can’t get enough of this new music from Two Friends, Charlotte Cardin, and Lovejoy!

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Binge-Worthy Buzz: You’ve Never Seen A List So Sweet!

You cannot deny we always have the sweetest new recommendations for you here!