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Tom Grennan Releases Mood Boosting New Single, ‘How Does It Feel’

‘How Does It Feel’ to be Tom Grennan’s biggest fans? It feels pretty amazing!

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: All About Fake Shark’s New Single ‘Paranoid’

All things ‘Paranoid’! Dive into the making, the inspo, and more.

lauren mayberry

Lauren Mayberry Asks ‘Are You Awake?’ In New Solo Single

We’re so in love with her right now.

New singer songwriter CRYBABYAMY releases her new single 'Validation'

CRYBABYAMY Is Validating All Our Feelings With Her New Single

Newcomer CRYBABYAMY makes us want to delete Social Media

Daniel Caesar Gets Vulnerable With New Single, ‘Do You Like Me?’

Getting new Daniel Caesar music has been the ‘Best Part’ of our day.

INTERVIEW: ‘Good Luck’ Getting Megan Knight’s New Single Out Of Your Head

Listen to Megan Knight to get seven years ‘Good Luck!’

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Gwyn Love On ‘Dreamy’ New Single ‘ur gf kisses me’

‘ur gf kisses me’ is def one of our fave songs of the summer so far!

THP Premiere: Heartracer’s New Single ‘Edge of My Heart’

Get your playlists ready, we’ve got a new premiere for you!